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Mr. Rocket Man

September 30, 2017

What’s the point of creating art that exposes one’s own political opinion? Isn’t it self-indulgent? Ineffectual? When has art ever changed someone’s political stance? And aren’t you usually singing to the choir anyway? I do it not in a vain attempt to influence but rather from an imperative to communicate—to express my dissent. I believe […]

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September 28, 2017

I attended a HOW Design Live conference where esteemed designer Seymour Chwast delivered a keynote presentation. One of the projects he shared was a series of images he created by artistically altering copies of an enlarged advertisement featuring a quintessential 1950’s male model replete with the customary slick-backed quaff. There were literally dozens of different […]

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Lost in DC

September 23, 2017

How did “President Trump” happen? A culture on the brink of collapse clinging to traditions and so-called moral conventions? A product of the self-esteem movement gone horribly wrong? Or are we just a group of people scared shitless making irrational decisions based on our own arbitrary system of values-issues we can easily comprehend and feel […]

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The Rally

November 23, 2016

There is something dangerously ignorant about living in a content bubble where the only information you are exposed to exclusively supports your own ideas of the world. My heart grieves for the willful ignorance of humanity and my own arrogant smugness. How did we end up here? Never again will I assume that I understand […]

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